The Palace Mirissa is a tropical paradise resort in southern Sri Lanka, situated on a cliff 100 feet above sea level and
offering a paramount view of the Indian Ocean. The coastal fishing town of Mirissa is just 5 minutes away from the
Southern Capital of Matara.

The Palace itself is a new hotel and boasts of all modern creature comforts like air conditioning, hot/cold water, cable TV,
telephones, mini-bar and 24 hour room service. All this in a rustic setting that is very close to nature. The garden is full of  
tropical fruit and rain forest trees which are a haven for birds, such as the Golden Oriole. The beach near the Palace
offers one of the better known surfing points in Sri Lanka, and visitors residing at the Palace can indulge in snorkeling or
surfing activities at their leisure. And enjoy the diverse choice of seafood that is freshly caught from the nearby ocean.
Ayubovan! Welcome to the Palace Mirissa...
Whether you are an avid surfer, a keen diver or just a simple tourist looking forward to relax to the sound of the gently
rolling sea waves splashing on the rocky terrain, the Palace is just the place for you. Place your
reservations now!